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We have exciting news...

We’re thrilled to announce the approval of the Charlotte Metro / Premier Federal Credit Union (PFCU) merger!


This merge will allow us to quickly expand our service area, providing you even easier access to more branches, ATMs, and employees across the Carolinas. You can read more about this exciting merger news here.

 We’ve put together a short list of FAQs about the merger and will continue to update you as the process moves along. If you have any questions or concerns, please use the questions form and one of our team members will get back to you as soon as we can!


how will this benefit me as a member?

For current Charlotte Metro customers, the immediate – and easily seen – impact of this merger is an expanded branch and ATM network. Another important element is the scale this provides the combined institution. We’ll be able to accelerate already-planned technology advancements and grow our community support efforts, while continuing to provide the personalized, friendly service our members expect.

Premier Federal Credit Union members will gain access to a suite of new products and services, including:

  • Expanded loan and deposit account options
  • First mortgage loans
  • Insurance and Investment Services
  • Business Banking solutions
  • 10 new branches within North and South Carolina and a new network of ATMs across the region
  • 24 / 7 Contact Center and enhanced Online and Mobile Banking platforms


when will the merge happen?

Legal day 1 of the merger will be June 1, 2021 (meaning our accounting filings will be combined). However, both credit unions will operate separately until we’re able to combine our member records (via PFCU’s core conversion) on August 3, 2021.


is there anything i have to do now?

Nope! Since we will be operating separately until August, nothing is changing for you right now. As we get closer to the merge, we’ll keep you updated on any specific changes that may need to happen.


what will change for my account?

For Premier FCU members, let’s break down / expand on your question a bit:

  • ROUTING NUMBER: Yes, Premier FCU’s current routing number will be changing – but not right away! We’re working on nailing down exactly how long it will be valid, but we’ll let you know as soon as we do. 
  • ACCOUNT NUMBER: Your account number will change come August 3 – but you’ll know your new account number prior! 
  • DIRECT DEPOSITS / SCHEDULED PAYMENTS: These should continue to work without interruption (check that off your list!).
  • CHECKS: If you still have / use checks, they’ll still work post-merger! But, when the routing number changes, your checks will need to be replaced.

We completely understand your concerns with these changes. As we continue to work through and finalize details, we will absolutely keep you in the loop with any updates or changes regarding your account.

 For Charlotte Metro members:

As a Charlotte Metro member, your account numbers and routing number will stay exactly the same throughout the merge. So no need to reset any automatic / scheduled payments or direct deposits. Even better? Your checks will still be valid even after we change our name and logo (since the important account information at the bottom won’t change). No need to replace those until you’re low on stock!


why do CMCU and PFCU have to merge?

We don’t have to merge! Both institutions are financially sound individually. But with 117 combined years of experience, the financial strength of both organizations and shared vision will create an even stronger financial institution, enabling us to better serve our members, provide increased accessibility, technology, and financial products, and quickly grow our footprint in the region.


is the merged credit union going to have a new name?

So glad you asked! The combined credit union will operate under a new name and brand. We’re still working through the rebranding, but we’re excited to share more details with you as the merge gets closer!


will anything happen to the existing employees or branches?

Don’t worry – your favorite CMCU and PFCU employees aren’t going anywhere! This is truly just an expansion of our current organization. Our geographic regions don’t overlap, which is one of the many reasons this is an ideal merger opportunity!

The new credit union will be headquartered at 718 Central Ave, Charlotte NC. Bob Bruns, Charlotte Metro's CEO, will serve as the combined organization’s CEO. Lori Thompson, Premier FCU's CEO, will serve as the Chief Operating Officer. There will not be any layoffs or reductions in staff as a result of the merger.


where will the branches be located?

Currently, CMCU operates 10 branches and PFCU operates 7 branches. Once merged, the organization will have 17 branches across the Carolinas! There are also 2 new locations, in Harrisburg, NC, and Asheboro, NC, currently in the works for a later opening.

QUICK NOTE: At this time, both institutions will continue to operate separately until August 3, 2021, when our core data systems are combined. After that date, you’ll be able to visit any of the 17 branches across the Carolinas for your banking needs!

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what if i have more questions?

As more details about the merge are finalized, we’ll continue to update you. In the meantime, any additional questions or concerns about this news can be submitted here.


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